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The National Energy Foundation
National Energy Foundation logoIan is Deputy Chief Executive of the leading independent UK Charity for sustainable energy and improving the use of energy in buildings. This site includes a simple on-line carbon calculator.

For more information on Ian's professional activities, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

Petrol Maps
Petrolmaps logoThis is the main English Language site looking at European Road Maps issued by Petrol & Oil Companies since 1904! It has over 2,000 map images and charts this rarely studied branch of commercial cartography from the earliest days of motoring, when companies were keen to encourage motorists to drive further, to the present date, when some companies are beginning to take on board the notion of sustainability.

David Brown SundialsSundials have been used for telling the time and the date for more than 5000 years. The shadows cast by rods fixed on buildings or stuck into the ground were observed and their differing positions throughout the day marked. From its small workshop in Somerton, Somerset, David Brown Sundials will design and craft a unique yet functional dial to your specification. Each sundial is specially calibrated to work at a particular latitude and longitude; the path of the shadow can be calculated for any given date, and so birthdays, anniversaries or other significant dates can be marked on these unique timepieces. This website also includes a plan for making a simple sundial that can be downloaded.

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